Shipping Policy


Moo Chews ships anywhere that regular couriers operate.  Rates are available at checkout.

Orders are normally shipped within 1-3 business days.  Local orders should be received throughout New Zealand, within 1 week of dispatch.  You can contact Courier Post, should you experience delays. 

Most international orders should be received within 7 to 14 days of dispatch.  If you chose Tracking, and enter your email address, you should receive a notification once product is shipped along with a tracking number.

Shipping rates


Australia Free Shipping over $120.00

Australia Oversized Package $32.50

Australia Large Package $23.50

Australia Medium Package $16.50

Australia Small Package $13.50

New Zealand

New Zealand Free Shipping over $80.00

New Zealand Oversized Package $25.00 (3kg-5kg)

New Zealand Large Package $16.00 (1kg- 3kg)

New Zealand Medium Package $12.00 (0.5kg-1kg)

New Zealand Small Package $9.50 (0.25kg-0.5kg)

New Zealand Sample Package $6.50 (0kg-0.25kg)


International Bulk Package $100.00 (5kg-10kg)

International Extra Large Package $55.00 (2kg-3kg)

International Large Package $40.00 (1kg- 2kg)

International Medium Package $35.00 (0.5kg-1kg)

International Small Package $25.00 (0kg-0.5kg)