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Read about our fantastic Moo Chews journey below.

The Wholesome Journey of Moo Chews

In a cosy corner of the world, two childhood friends stood at the precipice of an adventure. They had shared countless memories and important moments together over the years, and as life unfolded, their biggest milestone of all was upon them, parenthood. The joys and challenges of having their own families brought the two friends closer than ever before and it was during this time they realised the struggle to find healthy, delicious snacks that brought both kids and parents a happy medium. 

They were determined to create a snack that would redefine the snacking experience. To find a sugar substitute that could offer the same mouth-watering appeal as confectionery but without compromising on health.  The goal was simple yet profound—to craft a snack that kids would love, while parents could feel good about providing a nourishing guilt-free treat for growing bodies. 

Moo Chews began with a spark of inspiration and a dash of curiosity. The friends’ dove headfirst into the world of nutrition, driven by an unwavering desire to find the perfect combination of ingredients that would make taste buds dance and growing bodies thrive. Right here in Aotearoa New Zealand, is where the whole process took place. A land known for its exceptional food safety standards and quality ingredients. From the rolling green pastures to the majestic mountains, they sought out the finest ingredients, supporting their communities and small businesses along the way. 

Creating Moo Chews wasn't just about the ingredients; it was a journey that would unite their families and close friends. Inviting loved ones to join in on this delicious mission, embracing them as integral members of their dedicated team. Together, they embarked on a shared adventure, combining their diverse talents and unwavering commitment to bring Moo Chews to life. 

Mixing, measuring, and tasting their way through countless batches, laughter filled the air. Our own kids, the official taste testers, loved being involved in perfecting the formulation, their eager faces lighting up with every new creation. Children are very honest with their opinions, sparking debates and discussions that fueled the determination to create the perfect recipe. Through the ups and downs, persevering, while cherishing these precious memories that unfolded. After all, who better to help create a snack that would captivate young hearts and palates?  

With love and care, we blended premium New Zealand whole creamy milk with real fruits, carefully crafting Moo Chews. No artificial colours or flavours tainted their creations—only the purest, most wholesome, carefully selected ingredients. It was a treat that parents could feel good about, knowing their little ones were enjoying a healthier option that never compromised on flavour or nutritional value. 

The impact of this journey extended beyond their own families and friends. We believe that every child deserves the opportunity to experience the joy of Moo Chews. Working tirelessly to ensure Moo Chews snacks remain affordable and accessible to all, regardless of budget or location. Happiness knows no boundaries and every child, no matter their circumstances, should be able to savour the delightful journey of Moo Chews. 

And so, with open hearts and eager anticipation, The Moo Chews family has grown not only nationally, but internationally. We invite everyone to join us on this scrumptious adventure. Together, we can redefine snacking, making it a fun, nutritious, sensory experience that brings smiles to every face. 
From our families to yours, we extend our heartfelt gratitude for being a part of the Moo Chews journey. It has been an experience that celebrates togetherness, nourishment, and the pure delight of indulging in a treat made with love. 

Let's celebrate the simple pleasure of snacking, where health and taste intertwine.  

Redefining the way, we nourish our bodies and delight our senses. 
In every Moo Chew, our ‘why’ is: joy, togetherness, and the unrivalled sweetness of a shared journey.