Moochefs Terms and Conditions

Please read these terms and conditions. These Terms of Use affect your legal rights and obligations, and are a binding legal agreement between you and Moo Chews Ltd. 
  • All recipes, images and videos submitted as part of the Moo Chefs cooking programme should promote healthy choice (e.g. replacing confectionery with Moo Chews or giving an added calcium boost) OR should promote a more enjoyable way to have healthy food or snacks, Lunch boxes featuring our product is another good option for kids to create.
  • All cooking projects or creations must be done by the child's whose name was submitted under this cooking sponsorship program. (Of course, we accept that the child will need help and supervision.) Also please note that we require that at least half the Moochefs creations need to be posted with the child who created it in the post with the creation.
  • Moo Chews NZ takes no responsibility for the safety of children working in the kitchen. All cooking projects must supervised by an adult and must be age appropriate. Parents accept all responsibility for the safety of their children while involved in Moo Chef cooking and food projects.
  • As a holder of a Moo Chefs certificate you may request at any time to discontinue the program
  • When you upload images or content as part of the Moochefs program you represent and warrant that you are the rightful owner of the creations and that they do contain Moo Chews.
  • By joining the Moo Chef programme, you agree to post your images and video to your Instagram feed and stories, and YouTube account, and give credit to @moochewsnz and use the #moochefs, #moochewsnz with any creations that my child makes under this cooking sponsored program. Also please note that once the Moochef cooking Apron and hat have been received that they are required to be worn in any images posted concerning Moochefs creations. Also we suggest that with each post that you number it to keep track of how many recipes you have done and help us as well, for example: Mooshake #1, Rocky Road #2.
  • This  cooking sponsorship programme supported by Moo Chews Ltd wants all applicants to understand that even though we are wanting to support your Childs development and help start them on a journey with cooking, we take no responsibility or blame if this programme does not meet your expected results or criteria.  
  • All Moochefs entrant's must be between the age of 3 - 12
  • Moo Chews NZ Ltd retains the right to add or modify any rules, terms and conditions as it sees necessary.  By signing up to the Moo Chef programme you agree to abide not only by all current rules, terms and conditions, but also any new rules as they are added or modified.  If at any time, you no longer wish to abide by the Moo Chef rules, terms and conditions, you agree to discontinue the programme immediately, thereby forfeiting any benefits associated with being a member of the Moo Chefs programme.
  • When you sign up your child you give Moo Chews full permission to use any footage or photos submitted to the programme for promotional uses.
  • One more step before going over and signing up. We would ask you to fill out the form below, which we will look at and asses if your child meets our criteria to join the Moochefs cooking programme.
  • Above all Moo Chews wants kids to have fun creating and developing themselves. So, don't wait. Join up and start your amazing mind creating yummy recipes.
    For any further questions or inquiries please feel free to contact us:         
    Phone: +64 3 595 1862