Made in New Zealand 

Moo Chews are made in New Zealand from our delicious creamy milk and dried fruits.  As an Agricultural country we are extremely lucky to have fresh seasonal produce, at our doorstep. Our deliciously creamy local dairy, and quality meats all year round. New Zealand food manufacturers are extremely innovative and there is an array of delicious foods for every age. Overseas “Made in New Zealand” is associated with outstanding quality and value-added due to our vigorous food safety measures and integrity as a country. New Zealand’s pasture-fed cows produce some of the best milk in the world. No wonder our dairy industry is well recognized and top-ranked worldwide.

Moo Chew™ dairy heritage began back in 1920 and became established in the 1960s on the broad plains of Canterbury. This dairy farm flourished into what it is today, a herd of nearly 2,500 cows.  In 2016 the creative team of Moo Chew’s HQ came up with the idea of developing a special value-added milk chew, that was irresistibly yummy, healthy and was a convenient snack for people on the go.

This is when Moo Chews milk bites were born.

What are Moo Chews? 

Moo Chews™ are a delicious milk bite snack, made in New Zealand from top-quality local milk, cream, and natural fruit powders. Their special formula is irresistibly yummy, healthy and rich in calcium.

YES Moo Chews are Gluten FREE with no Artificial Flavours, Colours or Preservatives.  Moo Chews are GMO FREE

How much Calcium is in Moo Chews?

Each serving of Moo Chews contains 200mg of calcium. This is 25% of the recommended daily intake of calcium, according to the Australia and New Zealand Food Standards Code. It’s common for many children’s health supplements to contain 200mg of calcium, however by eating or giving your children Moo Chews, you’re not only giving them an important mineral to support strong bones and teeth, you are also giving them a delicious wholesome treat.

How much Milk does Moo Chews contain?
The milk content differs per flavour but all Moo Chew contain between 64-75% New Zealand milk and cream. Unflavoured Milk Moo Chews contain 75% New Zealand milk, while the fruit flavours have less milk and more fruit.
For example, Strawberry and Banana flavours replace milk with real freeze dried fruit powders. Moo Chews Chocolate replaces some milk with Organic Caoca and Cocoa powder.

Why do we use Xylitol?*

Xylitol is a sugar-free sweetener that does not spike blood sugar and helps prevent tooth decay.
*Interesting Facts about Xylitol
One study in children with recurring ear infections observed that daily usage of xylitol-sweetened chewing gum reduced their infection rate by 40%. (link to the study https://www.cochrane.org/CD007095/ARI_xylitol-sugar-supplement-preventing-middle-ear-infection-children-12-years-age). Xylitol is generally well-tolerated, but in some rare cases might cause digestive side effects when consuming excessively, putting it politely, loose bowels.

Why do we use Dextrose?
Dextrose is a simple sugar (a monosaccharide) that is made from corn with identical to the glucose (blood sugar) structure. It adds flavour and helps to extend shelf life. Regular table sugar (sucrose) is made from glucose + fructose. It must be broken down before your body can use it. The presence of glucose increases the amount of fructose that is absorbed and stimulates the release of insulin. This means that more fructose is used to create fat, compared to
when glucose is eaten alone. 

Can I give Moo Chews to my Pet?
Xylitol (like grapes, raisins, and chocolate) is toxic to dogs.
Fortunately, the amount of xylitol that goes into Moo Chews is very little and the risk that a dog will get sick from eating it is small. But better be safe than sorry, so please do not share Moo Chews with your fur babies and keep their paws away from it!

Does all Calcium in Moo Chews come from Milk?
Moo Chews are Calcium enriched for an extra nutrition boost. You would have to consume large amounts to get all of your calcium just from milk that is why we have fortified Moo Chews with Calcium.

Are the flavours in Moo Chews natural?
Yes, Moo Chews products only uses natural flavours and colours in its products.

Why Magnesium stearate?
Magnesium stearate is a food grade “flow agent”. It prevents the individual ingredients of Moo Chews from sticking to the machinery when being made. 
Keep in mind that Moo Chews are not dissolved easily so save it for the experienced eaters of age three and over. Remember to always keep an eye on your little one while eating to prevent choking.

Who Invented Moo Chews?
Chewable milk powder tablets are not a new idea.  They were popular in milk bars in the 1970s and were made available in schools as a way to boost calcium in the diet of Kiwi kids.  The Moo Chews brand and product line were designed and developed right here in New Zealand by Kiwi mums and dads who live in a community called Gloriavale.
Who Makes Moo Chews?
Moo Chews are manufactured in a fully licensed factory called Alpine Health Manufacturing New Zealand Ltd (AHM).  AHM is a New Zealand contract manufacturing business which is licensed and audited by the Ministry for Primary Industries in accordance with New Zealand’s strict food standard regulations.  AHM is also registered with the USFDA and is GMP certified.  Alpine Health has developed and manufactures many health products for different New Zealand companies.  The factory is based in New Zealand’s iconic and pristine West Coast wilderness in the heart of Westland’s lush milk country in a small Christian community called Gloriavale.
Do you Sponsor for fundraising? 
Absolutely send us an email and if we can help we will.
We have sponsored many charities and community events, giving back with inclusion is important to us.